DATA2GO.NYC Submission Deadline Extension!


DATA2GO.NYC Data Visualization Challenge has extended its deadline to the end of January!

DATA2GO.NYC is inviting visualizers, data lovers, changemakers and designers to create an informative and beautiful visualization(s) that helps illuminate strengths or challenges in NYC neighborhoods using unique data made available through DATA2GO.NYC. A very incredible tool!

New Submission Deadline: January 25th
First, Second and Third place cash prizes!

On October 28th, 2015, Humantific and Measure of America created an incredible online resource. For the first time, federal, state and city data that focuses on well-being and access to opportunity for New Yorkers is on one site. Data that was previously unavailable or difficult to find is now accessible, comparable and visual! The data includes over 300 indicators related to health, housing, education, crime, the environment, race & ethnicity, household & family composition, work poverty, philanthropic giving and others. Check out our website for more information.

Can Apprenticeships Help Reduce Youth Unemployment?

“America has a lingering problem employing its youngest workers. In July 2015, the nationwide youth unemployment rate was at 12.2 percent, more than double the general unemployment rate of 5.3 percent.1 Even worse, the number of disconnected youth—those between ages 16 to 24 who are neither in school, nor working—was at 13.8 percent, or a total of 5.53 million young people, according to Measure of America’s latest report.2 ”

Read the reset of the article here.

Data Visualization Challenge Judges Announced!

This past week the DATA2GO.NYC online mapping and data tool announced it’s line up of judges for the 2015 Data Visualization Challenge.

We are very excited to announce the following to participate:

Codie See – Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office
Deroy Peraza – Hyperakt
Elizabeth Pastor – Humantific
Jacob Harold – Guidestar
Laura Kurgan – Columbia Center for Spatial Research
Manuel Lima – Visual Complexity
Nigel Holmes – Explanation Graphics
Paolo Ciuccarelli – Density Design

42% of the United States makes less than $15/hour

Yesterday, supporters of raising the minimum wage in New York gathered on Tuesday in Foley Square in Manhattan, where Gov. Cuomo announced an increase for state employees. New York is now the ‘first state to set such a high wage for its public employees.’ 

The National Employment Law Project released diagrams showing who makes up that 42% of Americas that are making less than $15. Check out the diagrams in this article.

Check out DATA2GO.NYC to see other facts and datasets on New Yorkers well-being.

Welfare State

Listen to Hilary Cottam unravel and redesign the broken system of a welfare state. An inspiring talk that talks about a government system that is supposed to protect the health and well-being of its citizens is doing quite the opposite.

“When a family falls into crisis — and it sometimes happens, thanks to unemployment, drugs, bad relationships and bad luck — the social services system is supposed to step in and help them get back on track. As Hilary Cottam shows, in the UK a typical family in crisis can be eligible for services from more than 70 different agencies, but it’s unlikely that anyone of them can really make a difference. Cottam, a social entrepreneur herself, asks us to think about the ways we solve deep and complex social problems. How can we build supportive, enthusiastic relationships between those in need and those that provide help?” is Here!

Use to visualize NYC like you have never seen it before. is a free, easy-to-use online mapping and data tool. It brings together for the first time federal, state and city data on a broad rang of issues critical to the well-being of New Yorkers. A one-stop shop for data on need, resources and outcomes, provides the accurate, up-to-date information required to understand neighborhood challenges, craft effective solutions, target policies and services, track progress, advocate for change and hold elected officials accountable for results. Users can create unique data sets, prepare district profiles, test relationships between indicators and print or share their results at the click of a button.

The Knight Cities Challenge

“The Knight Cities Challenge seeks new ideas from innovators who will take hold of the future of our cities. Over the next four weeks we are inviting applicants from across the nation to tell us their ideas for making the 26 Knight cities more vibrant places to live and work. From a pool of $5 million, we’re looking to award grants at the city, neighborhood and block level, and all sizes in between.”

Check out one of last years winner by Daily Tous les Jours

Photo Credit: Daily Tous les Jours